It gets Different…


“It will get better.”


That’s what countless moms tell each other. I know–they’ve told me. I can promise you that I have never, ever said that to anyone!


It will get DIFFERENT.

You may or may not enjoy different parts of parenting and when we compare stories we will surely disagree on what part was “easiest.”

For me, I love, love, love the zero to 12 month stage. I truly love the sweet baby stage.

Favorite part: I like that when you put them somewhere, you come back and they’re still there and they don’t talk back. For me, after they became mobile it was all over.

Still to this very day, I find myself chanting, “I’m not qualified for this job.”

So what stage are you at? What stage have you liked best so far?

One year ago..

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  1. 1
    Aimee says:

    My children are 20, 16 almost 17, and 8…….Yes 8.
    Just when you think you have made it through the raising of your children, and they are officially no longer “minors”. BAM! They smack you up side the head with a new one. Take my 20 year old daughter, 6 weeks after my husband and I decided to divorce, and 2 weeks after I had moved out of the house. My darling daughter told her father and I that she wanted to marry the boyfriend she had had for only a few months, and that she was moving to Utah to do it.
    I had met this boy only a couple of times, if that, and had only 1/2 paid attention because I thought he would go back to Utah when the summer was over and we would never see him again.
    After a ton of freaking out and many many tears (from my darling daughter), we reluctantly gave our “blessing”.
    See the lesson here for me was,
    just because my life came to a momentary halt, hers didn’t.
    As unhappy as I was that she would be putting off finishing school til fall,
    and the fact that her 16 year old brother seemed to have more sense than she did, ” a rather loosely thought out plan….”
    It wasn’t worth getting angry and mad over. As the emotions calmed down and the tears dried up, I looked at my daughter and was never more proud of her than at that moment. She stood up and fought for what she believed she wanted, she presented herself in a fierce fashion. She finally behaved the way I had always taught her to.
    As much as I was going to miss her, and miss out on helping her plan her wedding, the visions of the grandchildren I would probably never see if I fought her on this flashed before my eyes. All 6 of them! (that’s what she says now, we will see.)
    The man she is marrying is a good, hard working and sincere man. I know he loves my daughter and will take good care of her.
    So, no, it doesn’t get better, it just gets different. And we as parents have to learn to “go with the flow”. Gotta love our “adult” children.

  2. 2
    Melinda says:

    I think I’d have to say I liked the little people stage the best. You know, just before they start school but they can feed themselves and go to the bathroom on their own? That was pretty enjoyable to me. We could go places and didn’t have to worry yet about missing school or being on a schedule.

    School is hard. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve only done public and private and never even considered home schooling cause I knew I wasn’t cut out for that but school is hard. I have a lot of respect for teachers. Especially after subbing some.

    I did learn to enjoy whatever stage my kids were in and I agree with you on the “different” answer. Did we learn that at the same place? Every stage is definitely different but never “easy”. I don’t see how any mom could ever say that.


  3. 3
    Diane says:

    Different is putting it mildly!
    We have 3 children- 15, 13 and SURPRISE 3!
    Though our little one is truly been a blessing and has enhanced the lives of our entire family all I can say is…”WOW, I’m tired and things are certainly different”

    To top that off, when little bit was only 1 and just starting to take off as her own person our middle child was diagnosed and underwent cancer treatments. That event changed our family FOREVER and I struggle with just how different things are. Thankfully, I can report that he is in remission and doing great but… “WOW, I’m tired and things are certainly different!”