Best Job Ever

We have recovered from the grandmas visiting last week but we’re pretty sure that the grandmas have not.

When it occurred to us that since having kids, we have had the grandmothers together 3 times in 23 years, we decided it would be a perfect time to have a family photo shoot.

Did I mention a surprise family photo shoot?

A few of us who shall remain nameless might not like to have our picture taken.

Nothing like a little last minute fun involving trying to coordinate 3 college kids and their busy schedules. Add dressing the top half of eight people and I will say that I hope to not see the inside of the mall for at least 6 months or so.

In spite of the last minute preparations, the weather cooperated and we were able to pull it off.

It had been 12 years since our last professional family photos were taken. I’m so grateful we made the time to do this.

This weekend I spent time learning some fun new things while creating story boards in Photoshop and sent them to Costco for printing.

So excited to see the finished products and send some copies to the grandmas. We are so glad we got to include Granny and Grandma in some of the photos.




My absolute favorite creation ~ these four kids.

I grumble about them and have been sharing stories about our life for over 4 years here on the blog. I probably don’t say it enough…I am so proud of them.

On the very worst day…

being their mom is still the best job I’ve ever had.


P.S. My email subscription service is not delivering my blog posts consistently. I say this in case you get Typo Tuesday on Wednesday and think I am losing my mind. I write and schedule those in advance and when the email service doesn’t deliver on time, I look more crazy than usual. I don’t think it even delivered last Monday’s little gem on PhilBillPaul’s job suggestion for me.

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  1. 1
    julieann says:

    Now that you’ve reduced your readership to tears…so much resemblance, even among the non-identical twins. There’s something unique that life builds into each face that has shared the same experiences.

  2. 2
    Jenn Ross says:

    Love this..I am even tempted to try and get all the kids and grandkids together for a photo…6 grandkids under 8 years including a that would be amibitous. Love the quote. Maybe I can black mail my daughters as repayment for all the babysitting..seems fair payment…where are the photos of you???
    Jenn Ross recently posted..Pippa Middleton plays with guns and Angelina Jolie gets engaged..I care because??

    • 2.1
      Sherra says:

      Only the children signed photo releases. 😉

      I think that’s an excellent plan with all the grandkids – capture this sweet time when they are all so little and cute!

  3. 3
    Steffani says:

    WOW!!! Love the pics!!! Great job!!!