Basic Concert Etiquette

Someday I will write a guide about how to get bargain concert tickets on ebay and craigslist. For now, though I will just share the highlights of the concert we went to this weekend because I got bargain tickets on ebay.

It was a lovely early Mother’s Day present.

The darling twins were less than thrilled when they learned we were letting Scary Baby and her friend stand in for them.

Wizzy: “I don’t ever remember going to a concert when I was ELEVEN!!”

She’s right.

There’s no accounting for birth order and being a twin and a mother who constantly reminds her children of our special family motto…

Life is not fair

I did text her during the concert to tell her I was snapping a few pics of the people in front of us to accompany the story of our concert experience.

Sometimes all you need is a picture or two to tell the story.

This is my concert story.

This was our view of the concert.

I thought about starting a petition to have segregated seat sections at concerts. One specifically for:

“Old people who don’t want to stand up for the entire concert and like to sit in the seat they paid for even if it was a bargain on ebay.”

Then I realized that was a little limiting since the two eleven year-olds we brought also could not see.

So I’m rethinking the petition and believe it should actually be for segregated concert sections for:

“People who want to stand up for 95% of the concert and don’t really need a seat so they can all stand together and not annoy people who want to sit.”

I might have to start another petition for:

“Friends who should not let friends wear sleeveless in public.”

And at what size should jean mini skirts NOT be made or sold?

They also took no less than 100 pictures of themselves with the flash going off in our direction. Apparently it is very important to preserve your memories when you get all dressed up in your finest sleeveless top and best denim for a night out.

PhilBillPaul and I are still recovering.

I should also tell you that the camera adding pounds is a myth. These pictures have taken at least 50 pounds each off of them. Not lying.

(Why doesn’t the camera do that for me?)

This was a glorious lesson to discuss with Scary Baby after the concert about how NOT to act in public.


A. Other people’s parents are watching you act like an idiot.
B. Some people could be taking pictures of you and blog about it.

Other concert highlights include Scary Baby making the BIG screen after waving her glow stick around for most of the concert. I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of the screen.

Meanwhile, if you want to broaden your horizons and listen to some fine country music, here are links to my favorites of the evening…

The first one is a song from the opening act who I had not heard of – when I heard the story of the song and that it is a tribute to Pat Tillman and his service to our country…yeah, I got choked up.

Bill Gentry ~ 19

The second song made me think of the darling twins whom are getting very homesick in Arizona. I called Wizzy on my cell phone to let her hear it because I knew she loved the song way before she left and it’s on their ipods. Michael Bublé never knew it would become a country hit too.

Blake Shelton ~ Home

Two more reasons I love country music:

Luke Bryan and Martina McBride.

The show was really good.

I just wish I could have seen it.

How was your weekend?


Full Disclosure: The FTC now requires bloggers like me to let you know I am an amazon affiliate and if you click the song or CD links and actually purchase the music, I stand to earn a penny or a nickel or something close to a small fortune. 😉

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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    Had to respond to this post! I actually attended a FREE concert this weekend at Snellville Days – Mother’s Finest!! Woo hoo. I don’t figure you are a fan but I enjoyed it. I wondered how those folks that got there early and got seats up front felt when the crowds w/o chairs came and STOOD in front of them. Now I know, lol! Billy and I remarked as we were leaving that if we ever go again, we’re gonna sit further back so we can sit and still see the show. They were good!! It’s been a LONG time since I was even remotely interested in going to a concert. I just don’t enjoy my music that loud anymore. I have heard that Martina does an awesome concert. Maybe I’ll suggest they get her for Snellville Days next year. Wonder if there is someone here who knows her that might could persuade her? Hmmm… have to start asking around….

  2. 2
    Mollie says:

    Alright, this is hysterical! What are they thinking; oh, they are not! They need to meet our friend Karen (or use common sense). I ♥ Martina! I should look to see when/if she’ll be in the Pacific NW. My bff and I will be going to the Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum concert on 5/22 and I hope my experience is way better than yours at Martina. So, I need the pointers on the “cheap” tickets cuz my Tim/Lady A tickets were not so cheap!

  3. 3
    Karen says:

    Great music, not so great scenery. I can completely visualize the whole outfit (front and back) No photo needed. Ha! Very funny, Mollie! They thought they were hip and cool.
    The last concert I went to Brad Paisely and Sara Evans-yes it’s been a while- I had the same issue. I don’t want to stand the whole time. Are we old and fuddy-duddy?