Bargain Shopping 101

I was a bargain shopper way before it become chic and cool.

Mostly made chic and cool because of the horrible economy.

This makes me chic and cool way before we were poor.

Which I think is the ultimate chic and cool.

Or not.

I have been a bargain shopper since my high school days.

It’s something about the thrill of not paying retail.

I’m the person who goes directly to the back of the store to the clearance racks and never even really looks at the mannequins in the window as I know I can’t afford it. And if I could, I would never pay retail.

Part of is the thrill of the find. The other part is saving money.

Look at what I scored for Scary Baby in February.

Yes, that’s right. 5 new articles of clothing ~ a hoodie, matching pants, a top and two sweaters. The very cute brown velour hoodie and matching pants were $2.99 each! Woo hoo!

Side note: Pictures of the aforementioned items would have been chic and cool. I was so busy scanning the receipts I obviously didn’t think about the actual clothes.

So glad I was shopping for new dress pants for myself. That’s why I ended up with 5 new sweaters and a top. Because you have to be flexible when bargain shopping.

Fortunately, I’m very flexible. 😉

I do so love a store that doesn’t make me do that math.

According to Belk, I SAVED a grand total of $336.51.

Come back Wednesday to find out what I could do with all my savings!!

Until then, leave a comment and tell me about your best bargain score. What’s the best bargain you ever found while shopping? (Doesn’t have to be clothes…)


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  1. 1
    Joanne says:

    Best bargain ever was a Jones NY dress that was original priced at $89 and I got it for $7.98. It was so cute my mother got it too although I made her promise to NEVER EVER wear it at the same function I did. It’s still one of my “go to” spring/summer dresses.

  2. 2
    julieann says:

    My mind is so blown by seeing your 6% sales tax that I can’t even think of anything else. Ours is 9.25%. And we also don’t have Belk. Don’t you love it when they pay you to shop?

  3. 3
    Terry says:

    Ok I too am a bargain shopper and love to shop the sale racks. This past week however I scored on a table at an Estate sale. It was dirty and covered with books down stairs in a covered porch area. Others just passed it by. My Hubby has a good eye and liked the shape of it, called me over for opinion I too liked the shape. Well he turned it over to look on the bottom and yeeha an original tag from the manufacturer. Haywood Wakefield…made sometime before 1939 and in fabulous condition. We are still researching this piece but I can tell you it is way more than the $5.00 we paid for it. I am guessing with the experience I do have it will be somewhere in the $500.00 range, possibly more because in all the books and on line I cannot find one with the same legs, a friend who sold this style furniture years ago in California tells me he has never seen one like this. I need the roadshow to be in my area again. Any Haywood Wakefield experts out there that can help me???


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