Bad TV Update

Can we review the question I posed in February when I revealed my unhealthy addiction to The Bachelor?

“Which person do you want to bring home to your parents and will fit in with your family, friends, lifestyle and personal values?”

Vienna Sausage is that GIRL?!!


Fit in with your family?

Fit in with your friends?

Fit in with lifestyle?

Fit in with your personal values?

That would be no, no, no and no according to everything we saw and what he revealed about himself.

And especially after we saw his whole family.

Jake the Rebel

He decided to play the role of “bad boy” and pick the “dirty girl”.

Wrong on so many levels but I’m sure I’ll tune into their wedding next year.

That will probably be after I enter a 12-step recovery program to break this addiction after fast forwarding through those 3 hours last night.

And if I didn’t get enough of Jake during this lame, lame season…

ABC has the audacity to have him as one of the contestants on Dancing With The Stars.

Or as I like to call it “Dancing With The Stars Who Are Sometimes Not Stars or Have Never Been Stars.”

Which will now live up to its title by including Kate Gosselin and Jake. Why didn’t they round it out with the Octomom for an even dozen contestants?

I can totally picture Jake and Pamela Anderson hitting it off. It’s a shame they can’t be partners.

The only word I can think of to describe the whole thing right now…



P.S. For a play-by-play of the whole excruciating finale without having to watch it – don’t miss i hate green beans very funny recap of the whole thing.

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    Mollie says:

    Sherra, I kept telling myself Monday night “this is 3 hours that I’ll never get back”…but I didn’t turn it off. That relationship won’t last, I threw up a little when he called her his “baby” ugh! Regardless, it wasn’t a complete waste of time since I forced myself to watch from my exercise ball with
    2 – 5 lb weights in hand and exercised during the wasted TV time.

    ABC having him on DWTS is just stupid. And, Kate Gosselin needs to GO AWAY. But I’ll be there in May to watch Ali. She had some drama but there is just something endearing about her.