Back From North Carolina

I’d like to tell you we were gone for two weeks without internet since that’s how long it’s been since I’ve blogged.

But that would be a lie.

I guess it took me a week to prepare to go to North Carolina.

Or not.

Mostly, November has flown by in a blur.

Granny flew in from Texas the week before Thanksgiving and we headed to a cabin on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Here’s a pictorial from our week in Murphy, North Carolina…

Though not very high up in the mountains, the cabin was off the beaten path and lovely.

We were in a small cabin “neighborhood” of 17 cabins or chalets. Some people refer to them as luxury cabins or homes. I guess this is because some people’s definition of a cabin is a cement floor and an outhouse down the mountain by the creek where you draw some ice cold water to bathe in.

We have personally grown fond of a few more amenities and I’m not too proud to admit that. I’m all about running water, electricity and leather furniture. 😉

We arrived in shifts on different days since the college kids still had classes and two of them had to work. I heard too late that the basement bedroom had the best bed.

The Grunter and I arrived on Sunday and Scary Baby immediately challenged us to a game of pool. She and Granny and PhilBillPaul had already been shopping in town which is where she scored the sock monkey hat that she did not take off during the entire week. (Except to shower – I confirmed this.)

The dog boys were very excited to accompany us on vacation and enjoyed many walks up and down some rolling hills. It was excellent physical therapy for Dudley.

The darling twins arrived next and the dogs are always excited to see them.

The dogs haven’t had this much attention in a very long time.

We also ventured out for some scenic driving and Scary Baby was excited to see wildlife a chicken from our car.

It got more exciting when she squealed, “Are those cows loose in the road up there?”

Yes. The cows were obviously loose as I jumped out to snap photos just like city slickers do when they see cows in the road.

The Grunter said he didn’t want to go on a 4 hour scenic car ride. This is what he and his sister were doing just before the cow sighting.

Luckily, they were not asleep when we drove to Blue Ridge, Georgia in search of this cupcake shop.

Minutes before they closed, we snagged some of their very last cupcakes to bring back to the cabin. Four chocolate lava fudge (one might be missing), one apple caramel and one pecan pie cupcake. The Sweet Shoppe lived up to its name.

Of course we played euchre every single day. PhilBillPaul gets a little obsessed with it.

Sabu was there to help him. Not that he needs it because he is the Euchre King.

Dudley was not left out.

Side note: Notice Wizzy’s cell phone. It was almost a technology-free holiday. NO internet but if they stood in certain places they could still text and sometimes make calls.

Rachel bought a puzzle and introduced Scary Baby to her new obsession which is gluing the puzzle together after they complete it.

All in all, it was a good week away and in spite of some very loud bickering and competitive game playing, I do love when we are all together and I see the college kids becoming semi-adults.

When we are not fighting and talking ugly to one another, we laugh a lot.

I choose to remember the laughing.

Black Friday at Walmart which was really at 10:00 pm on Thursday was another adventure for the memory book. Sorry, no photos and my bruise is almost gone from some really aggressive pillow grabbing for Elizabeth while she scored a king-sized memory foam mattress top for us.

My favorite photo from the week…

Look, she took the sock monkey hat off in this one unstaged photo that PhilBillPaul captured.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. Thanks Granny, for enduring the Georgia Humpfreeze clan and spending time with us!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? I hope you all spent time with the ones you love…

P.S. Should you ever want to explore Murphy, North Carolina, we’ve got the beat on a very affordable cabin and Granny gets a referral so just ask me for the info!


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  1. 1
    Melinda says:

    Looks like fun. We had a great week as well. We hosted my entire family, consisting of 20 peeps now that Nick is married) at our house for a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner (and I still live in the same house so you can imagine how cramped we were). Despite the space issue a good time was had by all. We immediatedly followed it with a Bennett family reunion on Friday down at my cousin’s cabin with over 50 family members. Catered by Varsity with lots of leftover homemade desserts. Wonderful weather so everyone enjoyed the day. If you were only on Facebook, you could see pictures!
    I recently went on a scrapbook retreat ( I know, big surprise!! gasp!) up in Jasper, GA at Sharp Mountain. Lovely mtn. home that slept 16 ladies.
    We have friends up in Murphy so we visit there occasionally. Haven’t ever stayed there. I’ll have to look for the Sweet Shoppe. I do remember seeing ads for it.

  2. 2
    Tammy says:

    WOW! I wish I was there or at least going there soon! Sounds like a blast. We geared up for Black Friday leaving the house at 9:45 PM Thanksgiving night and returning at 9:45 AM Friday morning. It was exhausting but entertaining as well!

  3. 3
    ~julie says:

    Can I be an honorary Humphreeze ( minus the ugly talk, as I can get plenty of that under my own last name)? You always have the BEST Thanksgiving adventures! We had the eldest child home Sunday-Thursday and did all the traditional things—lots of recipe selection time and ingredient shopping, Wednesday holiday shopping (they set all those Black Friday sales on Wednesday, you know—avoid the lines and crush of people), reading Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation before the meal…yes, we’re weird like that. Am learning to enjoy my own semi-adult child(ren). It’s easiest to do when I think of them as their own person and not as my child. Yours look beautiful 😉