An 11-year-old’s View of Spring in the South

It started with a few seed packets.

Then she negotiated for a couple of six-packs of flowers.

The warm weather got her in the flower gardening mood.

With very little supervision she planted everything in the front yard.

Directly in the path of the mower.

And the curb where people walk and extra cars park.

“Because they needed full sun.”

And Dad said they would be prettier in the front yard.

Not a great plan.

When I saw this sign on Sunday morning…

I gently suggested that she could move things to the backyard where there is full sun.

And we could remove the sign that I thought bordered on bad manners.

Since I have given up yardwork for lent ever.

Dad could build a small raised bed and it could be her own little garden.

One quick trip to the store and a bribe of another six-pack of flowers and she was all in.

While I sat glued to the TV watching The Masters and (clapping whenever Tiger missed in honor of my Uncle Jack 😉 ), she got busy and replanted everything.

I said “Take some pictures of your new little garden.”

She said “I want to take some pictures of the azaleas and cherry tree for Grandma.”

I showed her the macro setting on the little digital camera.

She went outside and came back with these…

Her cute little flower bed. Thanks Dad.

Green trees and blue skies!

Grandma, here’s the cherry tree in the front yard she wanted you to see.

One of our most favorite things about living in the South are the azaleas…

I have to enjoy all this from inside because the pollen and my allergies can equal migraine right now.

She even captured the neighbor’s dogwood tree.

I think we have a budding photographer on our hands.

Pun intended.

In case it’s not quite Spring at your house, hope you enjoy Scary Baby’s photo shoot of what’s happening around our house!


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  1. 1
    Kerri says:

    I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with her gardening skills or her photograpy. Nice job on both! I’m extremely jealous that you can plant flowers this early. It was 80 degrees here yesterday but expecting snow later in the week. Ahhh….Michigan….don’t you miss it???

  2. 2
    Teri says:

    I’m still back on the sign for the yard…
    Leaves little room for interpretation.
    She focuses on her love for the cherry tree in this piece.
    Do you think perhaps we’ve found someone that could participate in
    Congress and do an effective job?
    Just wondering…
    Part of her “down time” could be enjoying the profuse number of trees within the genre she is currently enjoying.
    Think about it. ;0)

  3. 3
    Steff says:

    Great job on the garden AND the photography, Scary Baby!!!

  4. 4
    julieann says:

    I always knew she would keep your mind “sharp” in those final parenting years…I agree with Teri on her future calling in DC. Kerri, the southeast might have the most beautiful springs, but nobody has autumns like the upper midwest! Would be great to own timeshares in both locations.

  5. 5
    Melodi says:

    Love this post! The photos are beautiful! Wish we could be planting here! Got to over 80 degrees yesterday and the storm blew through and we are back to average at 50’s – 60’s. I usually plant around Mother’s Day. I did notice my daffodil’s are all open now. Tell Scary Baby I would let her have a whole area in my yard to work on! We watched the Master’s all weekend as well. On Saturday afternoon we shut it off to see if we could play as well as they do…….. I scored the same as they did – only I only played 9 holes!

  6. 6
    Sally says:

    Wonderful photos!!! She did a great job. Those azaleas are just beautiful. I love the first flowers in the spring and she captured so many. Very good. Also, nice job on the raised flower bed Phil. Keep encouraging her. Gardening is a satisfying hobby!!

    • 6.1
      Sherra says:

      She has a zillion hobbies and we’re adding this to her list and will see how long she sticks with it. I really was amazed at her photos and a blog reader has suggested she make note cards using the photos and she’ll buy a set. Does card-making now count as a hobby too? LOL

  7. 7
    Linda says:

    Loved this post. The azaleas in South MS have come and gone but we do have 56 tomato plants thriving in the garden (my husband “downsized” this year so we could have more time for fishing!). I think about Dad every day and know he was cheering along with you this weekend.


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