A Decade + One Year

Was it really 11 years ago that I birthed that last baby?

She has brought us countless hours of entertainment…

She earned her name in so many ways.

And this year is no different.

Side note: She had some major stage fright in school performances even though she has always entertained us at home and in small groups of friends.

This is really for her darling twin sisters who couldn’t be at her breakout performance last month…and grandma and granny…and the 3 other readers brave enough to watch two minutes of PhilBillPaul’s very bad video of Scary Baby rapping with a friend from school…she’s the one on the left.

Happy Birthday darling last daughter.

We haven’t had a dull moment since you were born!


One year ago..

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    Karen Emerson says:

    I love it! She did great!!!!