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Typo Tuesday ~ Apostrophe’s R Us

The apostrophe just keeps giving…

Thanks to blog reader Barb who emailed me this professional sign in her dentist’s office.

(I think there should be a comma in the sentence above but I’m two tired too check.)

Keep ’em coming.

I swear I’m going to write a real blog post again very soon.



Typo Tuesday ~ Menu Help Please

Are typos the only thing I can write about?



Right now anyway.

Thank you for asking.

Stay tuned and I’ll write about something else when I get out of the weeds.

Moms with kids home from college may understand better than most.

Or not.

Oh, the stories I have to need to type…

Until then, thanks for hanging in there and patiently waiting.

Please feel free to send me any typos you see. I’m running low but here is one more menu mistake.


Typo Tuesday ~ Sign of the Times

I love having a typo brigade out in the masses sending pictures of typos when they find them.

Thanks to Kathleen (my friend Ann’s daughter) who spotted this gem up in Illinois.

I especially love when the “youngsters” get involved.

See, some of them still care about spelling!


Typo Tuesday ~ Food, Food, Food

A few recent food typos seen around the web for your amusement.

Or maybe it’s just my personal amusement.

Either way, I included the pulldown menu on the one below so you can find three typos on this new restaurant’s website.

The next one is from a menu from a restaurant where we had a delicious breakfast before our drive through the North Carolina mountains.

FYI, I did not have the bologna with my eggs.

Leave a comment and let me know if you found them all. 😉


Typo Tuesday ~ True Confessions

I’ve admitted my predilection (yes, I had to look that up to be sure I spelled it correctly) for mindless television.

Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor/Bachelorette have been two of my past confessions.

Side note: I’ve had several of you ask and the answer is yes, I’m watching DWTS this season. I chose not to blog about it because:
1) It was the saddest bunch of people who were barely stars or who have never been stars that I really wasn’t sure I’d consistently watch.
2) My kids asked me not to.

Why did I choose to listen to them? They rarely listen to me. A post for another day.

But I will now tell you that I’m a fan of Kirstie both for size and age. And I really like Ralph even though I’ve never seen Karate Kid. And I even really liked the wrestler whose name I still can’t remember and was sad to see him leave last week. Chris? Oh, and I really like Hines.

I don’t like the Disney girl and continue to be irritated that her dancing with Mark always has to include a super cute skit. I’m not a big fan of Romeo’s swagger. I really, really don’t like Kendra.

But enough about DWTS.

My real confession is that I love The Apprentice and this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” might be my new favorite season.

I love to call my mother-in-law and recap the episode and speculate about when Donald Trump would finally fire crazy (like a fox) Gary Busey.

Sue me. The show makes me laugh.

Last night was no different except the last 10 minutes were not shown. Some other very important newsworthy event became much more important than who Mr. Trump was going to fire.

Side note #2: Interrupting regularly scheduled television programming to announce that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces was much more riveting TV. I stayed up watching for several hours.

On Monday afternoon I realized I still didn’t know who got fired.

Thank goodness for the internet and NBC online TV. I watched the last 10 minutes but also clicked this link to read a re-cap.

Then I scrolled down to read comments. Because I have nothing else to do. Hey, dinner was in the crockpot and Scary Baby was still in school. Don’t judge.

This comment taken from The Los Angeles Times blog was just priceless and it bumped the Typo Tuesday I had all ready for today into next week. I like to keep them timely. In case any of you watch Celebrity Apprentice.

I’ll refrain from commenting about the comment. Just read it and enjoy it for all the entertainment it provides. I don’t even think you need to watch Celebrity Apprentice to glean some fun from this one…

Side note #3: I am appalled by Star Jones and her condescending attitude. I do applaud NeNe for keeping it real even though I wish she hadn’t done it in front of the client and had saved it for when she met with her team.


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