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Typo Tuesday ~ Its a Pet Peeve

I know regular folk have typos all the time – including me! It’s really difficult to proof your own work.

What I’m featuring today is a grammatical error which is technically much different than a typo. A typo really means a key stroke gone wrong. An extra letter, a missing letter or letters transposed – it’s easy to do.

Seems like a lot of people can’t get this one right.

Though I think the reality is that the people who misuse the apostrophe by adding or omitting it don’t really care.

It’s = contraction for it is (or it has)
Its = possessive

Any time you are in doubt, just see if you can use “it is” in the sentence? If you can, than use “it’s”!

If you do care but still get confused, here is a bossy funny cartoon you can print about its and it’s to help you remember which one to use.

I do believe if your job is to type copy for television shows or you are writing for a newspaper you should review this grammar rule.

When I was asking our friend “google” for a quick and easy tip to remember, I had to crack up when I found this one.

Great explanation but can you find a typo in the tip?



Typo Tuesday ~ BIG Furniture Sale

My personal typo brigade was working hard last week and sent me this picture. This comes from the college town of the Humpfreeze twins and photo credit goes to Jordan Meadows. Thanks girls!

I double-checked to see if this might be from a different language. The word was not found in any dictionary.

Roger Leroy says there were small signs everywhere with the word spelled right and then this big banner with this whopper!

The Grunter wanted to know if the sign people should be responsible and not print something like this. I said that they probably printed exactly what the client wrote down. Then again, shouldn’t someone take responsibility for this kind of giant error?

Either way, we appreciate that they hung it up for our enjoyment. 🙂


North Carolina Mountains

Continuing with our nature theme from last week, here are a few pictures of our day trip to North Carolina during Scary Baby’s spring break.

This is what life looks like as an only child. She has to travel with her grandparents and stop at every scenic overlook and take pictures.

Luckily, she actually enjoys it.

Or pretends to.

PhilBillPaul wanted to show us some areas he had seen on a motorcycle ride.

The waterfalls were gorgeous.

We loved this one that they cut the road into so you can drive under the waterfall.

Scary Baby wanted me to take some “jumping” pictures of her.

Obviously my photography skills are shining here.

We stopped in downtown Highlands for ice cream and Scary Baby grabbed the camera to show me what she wanted for Easter.

She’s so funny.

We told her she ruined her surprise and we were going to cancel the order we had already placed.



An 11-year-old’s View of Spring in the South

It started with a few seed packets.

Then she negotiated for a couple of six-packs of flowers.

The warm weather got her in the flower gardening mood.

With very little supervision she planted everything in the front yard.

Directly in the path of the mower.

And the curb where people walk and extra cars park.

“Because they needed full sun.”

And Dad said they would be prettier in the front yard.

Not a great plan.

When I saw this sign on Sunday morning…

I gently suggested that she could move things to the backyard where there is full sun.

And we could remove the sign that I thought bordered on bad manners.

Since I have given up yardwork for lent ever.

Dad could build a small raised bed and it could be her own little garden.

One quick trip to the store and a bribe of another six-pack of flowers and she was all in.

While I sat glued to the TV watching The Masters and (clapping whenever Tiger missed in honor of my Uncle Jack 😉 ), she got busy and replanted everything.

I said “Take some pictures of your new little garden.”

She said “I want to take some pictures of the azaleas and cherry tree for Grandma.”

I showed her the macro setting on the little digital camera.

She went outside and came back with these…

Her cute little flower bed. Thanks Dad.

Green trees and blue skies!

Grandma, here’s the cherry tree in the front yard she wanted you to see.

One of our most favorite things about living in the South are the azaleas…

I have to enjoy all this from inside because the pollen and my allergies can equal migraine right now.

She even captured the neighbor’s dogwood tree.

I think we have a budding photographer on our hands.

Pun intended.

In case it’s not quite Spring at your house, hope you enjoy Scary Baby’s photo shoot of what’s happening around our house!


Pot Roast & Bananagrams

Calm and quiet weekend here.

My favorite kind.

One darling daughter came home for one night.

We watched The Final Four basketball games together.

She took her baby sister to a movie.

And bought her new glasses. Her second pair of these fashion accessory only glasses.

She requested her favorite home cooked meal.

Pot roast, Granny’s noodles, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls.

Gosh, could I cram one more starch in to that meal?

We sent her home with the leftovers so her darling twin sister and friends could indulge in a homecooked meal this week.

Minus the pleasure of our company means it won’t be as good but I hope they’ll enjoy it. 😉

I even included a dozen chocolate chip caramel cookies I baked on Saturday.

After dinner, we played a quick round of Bananagrams.

Have you played this fun game yet?

Back in February when Scary Baby and I played eleven rounds of Boggle and she said we were going to continue to play until she beat me, I had to tell her that was impossible.

When I shared Scary Baby’s relentless quest for a Boggle victory, my friend Ann said she had a great word game she would send us promising as much fun or more for the whole family.

We love it!

Not bragging, but no one has beat me at this one either.

Then we watched a little of the Country Music Awards while the boys headed to a movie together.

So nice to have you all to ourselves Wizzy!

We missed you Roger Leroy.

How was your weekend?


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