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The Lounge

The darling twins came home to a new room.

They are still not thrilled with the changes.

The most disturbing part for Wizzy has been the moving of their beds.

She has said at least three times…

“I know we’re in college and will only be home for 3 months but why did you have to take the other bed out the room?”

“But Mom, why did you have to take a BED out?”

“Seriously Mom, why is one of our beds in the basement?”

Another traumatic event I can be blamed for pretty much through eternity.

I take full responsibility and it’s probably wrong but I still feel pretty good about the new arrangement.

Call me mean. Oh wait, they already do.

Hey, maybe this is why she has been sleeping at other people’s houses?

TV is moved up from the basement. They’ve never had a TV in their room. That’s another good reason why this is now called the lounge.

Video game system – again never allowed on any TV in our house – now hooked up since they bought it while they were at college.

The benefits of being the last born and old rules flying out the window because you have three older siblings.

Futon is ordered. They are guests in our home and we have invited them to use the lounge until they head back to college in August. I think it’s pretty generous.

The cleaning and fumigating and throwing away and sweeping and mopping and sorting and disinfecting and organizing, etc., took us many weekends. I’ll save pictures of that for another day.

We really like the lounge. Scary Baby likes the lounge. The Grunter likes the lounge.

And I don’t really see what the big deal is about with one twin bed.

It made me think of my “You’re Gonna Miss This” post from last year as their senior year was ending.

Photo from April 2009

They’ve been sleeping together in a twin bed more than they have slept in separate beds for their whole lives. It’s some kind of twin thing.

Shoot, at our house THREE can fit in a twin bed. They should all be glad they are skinny.

How cute is that on the first night they were home that their favorite brother climbed into bed with them after he got off work to snuggle and talk?

The fleeting moments when they all get along make my heart sing.

Really they do.

Because sometimes it feels like yesterday that those three little people climbed in that same bed and talked and giggled and didn’t have a care in the world.

I’m interested so leave a comment and tell me…

Do you take advantage of the extra space when your college kids head off to school? Did you or are you currently preserving your college kids’ bedrooms? Just curious if I’m in the minority on the room conversion and where I fall on the mean mom scale.

I do want to go on record here and note that I did wait a full year!


The Bachelorette ~ Week 6

The Bachelorette weeks are flying by.

The darling twins are home but alas are not actually home. Their schedule doesn’t really permit them to stay home for more than 2 or 3 hours at a time.

Oh wait – that’s going to make Roger Leroy mad. She has stayed home. In her room because she has had about as much family interaction as one 19 year-old can have. Until tonight when she went to dinner with a friend and returned at 12:40am.

Her darling twin sister has also had as much of THIS family’s interaction as she can stand. She much prefers other people’s families and is at a friend’s house as I type this. Four nights back in Georgia – 2 at our house and 2 at other people’s houses so far. Too much stress here. Too much “not fun” here. Too much. Period.

They did take Scary Baby swimming today in one of the two hour windows that they were home. She did appreciate it and had been looking forward to it for weeks and weeks. She thoroughly enjoyed her two hours +/- of swimming.

But it does seem odd that they are not here. I have multiple text messages from last week about how excited they were going to be home this Monday so we could watch the show together.

The excitement of being here wears off pretty quickly.

I’ve known for at least a solid year that we all do much better missing each other and talking on the phone or texting.

Living in the same house…not so much.

Thank goodness I have The Bachelorette to entertain me.

And Justin The Wrestler jumping through the hedges and stepping through the the flowers and water features of the hotel courtyard to foil those pesky cameramen who kept following him.

Kudos to girlfriend Jessica for saving those romantic phone messages for us all to listen to.

I was hoping that the producers would make him stay in Turkey until he earned enough money from wrestling to buy a plane ticket home.

Ali might need to take some sage advice from Oprah and her friend Maya Angelou when they say:

“When people show you who they are…listen.”

Side note: Same message to Jake-y boy. He and The Sausage breaking up…S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G. Can’t wait to keep reading as the story unfolds. I have a feeling the mud slinging has only just begun.

One on One Date #1

Are they naked under those plaid tablecloths?
Is plaid a Turkish fabric?
Why do they have to wear tablecloths in the Turkish steam bath?
Is Ali contractually obligated to wear shoes that give her heel blisters?
Why do they have to take a bath on their date?
Aren’t you suppose to take a bath before your date?
Did Ali’s bandaids fall off in the Turkish bath?

Excuse me. I’ll be right back. I’m feeling nauseous.

Is Ty really planning his honeymoon in Turkey?

Ah-O. Ty might have blown it with his good ‘ole southern boy dreams of having a barefoot and pregnant wife who cooks his vittles and doesn’t have any career ambitions ‘cuz that’s what his mama did.

Ali looked a little glassy-eyed when he shared that. She gave him the rose but she has concerns about those “traditional” values he has that just don’t describe her perky self. She certainly can’t get that TV job and clean house, bake bread and keep the home fires burning all at the same time.

Group Date

Poor Craig. Still hasn’t had a one-on-one date. No one will tell him that they are going to be BFFs forever and that’s all.

The pressure of being with the serious top 3 contenders must be really tough for him.

Now for the highlight of the group date…wrestling with Olive Oil Wrestlers.

Or wrestling with Greasy Turkish Dudes in Leather Pants as Chris so eloquently put it. Pick the guy with a sense of humor even though Roberto is super hot.


And Ali actually said it was “hot” to see them wrestle for her.

Wait, wasn’t this segment just made for Justin The Wrestler? Boy did that girlfriend call mess up this episode’s script. But this could be the way he could earn his plane ticket home.

Instead, Craig The Lawyer Who Wrestles With Words wins some one-on-one time with Ali.

If I was Roberto I would call for a rematch. They needed to be re-lubricated with another pitcher of olive oil. Just my observation but neither of them looked the least bit slippery.

One-on-One Date #2

The chemistry in the store with Ali in the belly dancer outfit and Frank in the jiffy pop hat was super hot. Ali really likes to go into stores and try stuff on. Thank goodness Frank could do that with her forever.

Next it is on to the carpet store. Much like the Olive Oil Wrestling, WHY are they shopping for a rug?

Thank goodness Frank stuck to his guns and said he was not buying a rug.

Then they walked out of the store carrying a 5-foot rug.

Super practical and good to know neither are impulsive shoppers.

Wow, how perfect that they needed a rug for their dinner date and Frank was a real man and carried it all by himself. Then they walked through knee deep ice cold water to get to this amazing place for dinner. This is every girl’s dream date.

Like, I really like want Frank like to quit like OMG saying like and OMG like at least like a dozen or more times. Like did anyone OMG like notice this?

PhilBillPaul’s only observation:

“He has a thumb ring on.”

Maybe he has a girlfriend and a boyfriend back home? Just sayin…

Rose Ceremony Big Twist

Power play on Ali’s part going straight to the rose ceremony to avoid the cocktail party where she didn’t want Craig to have to try to convince her that they were going to be more than BFFs.

Sad for Craig but props to Ali for not putting him through the agony.

The shocking twists and turns just keep coming…


I Love Grass

Not the illegal kind.

The green kind that they don’t have much of in Arizona.

Those were Roger Leroy’s words when we drove up to our house.

“I love grass.”

In full disclosure, she was looking at the next door neighbor’s grass. Because we have patches of weeds and a front yard that I’m sure has most of our neighbors wishing we would move.

The darling twins both contemplated getting out of the car and rolling around in the neighbor’s side yard. She has really good grass.

Wizzy’s comment as we rounded the loop on the interstate leaving the airport, “I really missed Georgia. I really like trees.”

I do understand their feelings about the green grass and green trees. I remember the first time I visited Arizona and came home saying “It’s really brown.” It’s a unique and different landscape for sure.

I think I get bonus points for NOT taking any pictures IN the airport.

I love pictures of them walking in front of me as I watch them. I wanted to capture this one in particular because Roger Leroy’s duffel bag is almost as big as she is.

“Welcome to Georgia” moment when one of the shuttle vans honked at me when I stopped in crosswalk to snap the picture of two Soldiers coming home. NICE.

I did refrain from hand gestures but will admit that I stopped in my tracks and yelled something that might have sounded like, “Bite me.”

Roger Leroy was none too happy when I “forced” them to stop at the entrance to the parking garage for this shot.

First stop for a late birthday lunch per Wizzy’s request.

One of her favorite chain restaurants and it was a delight to learn that they both got a free spaghetti meal on their birthday.

Wizzy got a little stressed because she wanted fettuccine not spaghetti. I told her to relax and I’d ask. The manager waited on us and service and food was excellent.

She got her fettuccine and Scary Baby did not sit on top of her for the whole meal. (Just part of it.)

We were also relieved that the restaurant police did not issue a ticket to PhilBillPaul who ate Roger Leroy’s birthday spaghetti in clear view of the staff while she and I split a combo platter. He wanted spaghetti, she wanted lasagna.

Are we really that big of restaurant rule rebels when we switch plates? He always gets a little paranoid and we always get hysterical watching him stress about our plate switching and overall bad behavior.

We just speculated out loud on what he thought The Spaghetti Warehouse Police might say if they caught him eating her spaghetti.


The dogs might have been happier to see them than we were.

Maybe it was a tie.

We are all glad they are home with us safe and sound.

Wizzy also shared that she couldn’t wait to see it rain. It never rained while they were gone. I was pretty sure we could accommodate that wish and within hours of being home, she got her wish.

They turned their chairs to the window and sat still for at least 5 minutes watching a storm blow in and the rain beat down.

They set a personal record and stayed home until 8:30pm and then the call of Taco Bell was too much to stand.

Wizzy ended the day with this touching Facebook update for the world to read…

And, for the record, it was all our fault. Well, mostly her Dad’s fault.

I’ll take the blame for other things in day two and day three.

A few more fun things to share this week about their homecoming.

But first up, we need to get down to the serious stuff…it’s officially day four and we’re watching The Bachelorette together tonight.



The Bachelorette ~ Week 5

Amazing. Incredible. Extraordinary. Insane.

Ali has a large, descriptive vocabulary. Well-suited for her new career as TV entertainment journalist.

The love poem segment made me cringe.

Frank – hot tip for next poem…

Don’t include the past love you went abroad with and had your heart broken in the poem about the new girl.

One on one date with Kirk – I’m still not sure about the whole health scare story. Is he okay now? They do seem to have chemistry. Still my pick for the final three.

My only group date comment: What kind of horses were those? They looked like Shetland Ponies and I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to ride them unless you are two and at a carnival. They definitely looked too small to hold adult people. Poor Craig had a miniature pony for sure!

Stalker Central

Kasey came on the show to retrieve his lost man card but sadly, he left without it. I’m not sure he’ll ever find it.

Guard and protect are two key words that Ali should take very seriously.

Upon the big reveal of The Tattoo, I think Ali really struggled to not scream at the top of her lungs,


Instead she politely said “Your mom is going to kill you.”

Nice save.

Now call the police and ask them to guard and protect you indefinitely.

Pretty sure her snot was freezing in her scarf as she hid her face while she contemplated her safety if she gave Justin the rose.

What if Kasey killed them on top of that glacier and no one ever found their bodies?

Oh wait, this is all being filmed so we are safe.

Unless he kills the camera crew too.

Before the rose ceremony…

Frank crying and Ali liking it was all wrong.

She wants these guys to beg to get to love, love, love her.


Craig drawing his own tattoo was kind of funny and they’ll be friends forever.

Chris N. – Who was this guy? How did he slip in without the show producers noticing? He talked twice. The poem and the end. Which, coincidentally, were the only times he talked in five weeks.

He forgot his lines in the poem reading. Did someone say they had to memorize it?

“He’s so funny” is what past girlfriends would tell her about him.


That was awkward.

Ali’s poker face is not holding up too well. Now that was funny.

I hope he rewinds the tape when he gets home because he said he thought it felt NATURAL and he was confident he was getting a rose after they sat four feet apart on the couch and hugged without any body contact which is actually impossible.

I’m still feeling awkward about it.

Chris L. – He’ll collect garbage and live in San Fran with her. Confident without being cocky. He’s still in my top three.

Roberto – Ali asks, “Would you have approached me if we weren’t in this setting?”

I thought that was a great question…until she followed up with “I would never have talked to you. I would have thought you were too hot for me.”

“Can I reveal more of my insecurities about myself to the world? Does this make me more lovable and cute? Should I wash my hair this week?”

This is a teachable moment for mothers and daughters and I need to discuss this whole exchange with the darling twins.

Thank you Dr. Chris Harrison for evaluating the patient and diagnosing her fear of love and how she has to “let it go.”

Trust yourself Ali.

I think she’s cured because the doctor reality TV host called her out on the fear that “is such a controlling factor” in her life.

Do we all feel better now?


Countdown to Friday

No DIY Facebook wall recapping for last week.

Because it was semi-normal. Whatever “normal” is.

Other than the air conditioner breaking on Wednesday. And the temperature in Atlanta is averaging about 120 degrees daily. Okay, really high 90’s but it feels like 120.

Thanks to all who sent personal emails with care and concern. Seriously, we are all fine, fine, fine!

The darling twins should be flying home on Friday. Which happens to be their 19th birthday. We’re getting excited and bracing ourselves at the same time. More on our preparations later this week.

Here’s something neat they got at the beginning of their 5 month journey.

Even though Toyota was handling their P.R. nightmare and vehicle safety issues this spring, I did want to give a shout out to say that while somewhere deep in their marketing department, someone came up with a very nice idea.

I’m sure the girls have worn the hats. Not.

But I know they both appreciated the 1 GB memory stick, headphones and the deck of cards. I forgot to ask how the spearmint chapstick was.

Roger Leroy signed up to receive hers before she left and after it came to the house, we boxed it all up and sent it to her. Then I emailed to get Wizzy a gift pack too. About 4 emails later, she received hers in Arizona.

They even included an hour of internet service. Did you know that they have to pay for their internet service?

Yes, I know they are marketing to Soldiers and want their business/money. Still, this was a nice touch.

Can’t wait for next Monday when the darling twins will be here to watch The Bachelorette with me.


MY DIY Facebook Wall ~ Part Two

More DIY Facebook Fun as promised.

If Memorial Day weekend wasn’t memorable enough what with the puking dogs, 911 call, the nice police officer, broken glass on the driveway and being a 24 hour on call travel agent, the next week proved to be much more exciting…

My DIY Wall Status Updates

SherraLifeLesson 2nd debilitating migraine in 4 days. Neurologist of 10 years is no longer on our insurance plan. Will search for new doctor when head stops pounding.
June 6 at 3:30am

SherraLifeLesson Monday fun – migraine meds have worn off enough for me to drive to my overdue full body/skin appointment. Overdue after having a tiny place on shin turn out to be basal cell skin cancer three years ago. Worried about a new place on my forehead.
June 7 at 2:00pm

SherraLifeLesson The doctor’s office staff says “Are you sure you have an appointment? We don’t have you in the computer.”
June 7 at 2:30pm

SherraLifeLesson Took Scary Baby to Chik-Fil-A and came back to doctor’s office. So nice of them to work me in on the same day I had an appointment that disappeared in their computer.
June 7 at 2:45pm

SherraLifeLesson Doctor took one look at forehead and said “Oh, that’s totally fine…blah, blah, blah.” That’s all I heard as I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
June 7 at 3:40pm

SherraLifeLesson Until she said, “These two spots look suspicious so let’s do a biopsy on those right now. We’ll know in 1-2 weeks if they are anything to worry about & we’ll call you if we need to do anything else.”
June 7 at 3:45pm

SherraLifeLesson Reschedule annual GYN exam that was on Wednesday. Need to space my exams a little farther apart. They probably didn’t have an appointment for me anyway.
June 7 at 4:30pm

SherraLifeLesson Worrying begins now. X*nax time.
June 7 at 8:15pm

SherraLifeLesson Tuesday came and went
June 8 at 11:00pm

SherraLifeLesson 3rd migraine in SEVEN days. Worrying apparently triggers migraines and insomnia. Oh wait, I had those before the skin biopsies. I’m probably overreacting.
June 9 at 4:30am

SherraLifeLesson Working my way towards shower. The Grunter didn’t even know I was here and slept all day. He thought I had left to go to office for contract job. Or maybe he never checked and he slept all day. He’s a fabulous babysitter. Not. Poor Scary Baby.
June 9 at 5:00pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from Wizzy…”Guess what. We did convoy live fire today n I got burnt on my neck by a live round. It was great.”
June 9 at 6:31pm

SherraLifeLesson My text…” OMG r u okay? Did you see a doctor? How bad is the burn?”
June 9 at 6:48pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from Wizzy…”No I’m fine. Three of us got burned. I’m fine. Just thought it was my luck.”
June 9 at 6:55pm

SherraLifeLesson There are so many things I don’t want to know when the darling twins are so far from home. I hear PhilBillPaul tell his mom on the phone, “Oh she has luck alright – it’s just always bad.” Poor Wizzy.
June 9 at 7:30pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter heads out to meet friends at Christian bowling night. Do they have atheist bowling night?
June 9 at 9:00pm

SherraLifeLesson Major accomplishment – I have finally showered, re-bandaged my wounds and dressed. Yes, I do know what time it is, thank you very much.
June 9 at 9:10pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter calls me and says, “Momma, I’ve just been in a car accident. Some lady hit me and I spun around on Hwy 20 and hit my head but I think I’m okay.”
June 9 at 9:14pm

SherraLifeLesson He called me but not 911. I’m not sure if I’m touched or more freaked out as the three of us jump in car to drive 3 miles to where he is.
June 9 at 9:16pm

SherraLifeLesson How many days in a row constitutes a X*nax addiction as I pop one while I sit in the car with Scary Baby providing commentary to Wizzy on phone and blue lights flashing while PhilBillPaul walks to accident scene?
June 9 at 9:30pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter rides home with us with advice from the police officer that we watch him tonight and that he’ll probably be really sore tomorrow.
June 9 at 9:45pm

SherraLifeLesson So grateful he’s okay! Lady turned left in front of him while he was going about 50 mph. She said she thought he was going to turn even though he wasn’t in turn lane nor did he have his turn signal on. She got a ticket. We got The Grunter back home safe and sound with us!
June 9 at 10:15pm

SherraLifeLesson Feeling a little sad having to tell Grandma about his little Honda Civic. It was hers for 11 years and my dad had driven it off the Honda lot brand spanking new. It will be hard to replace.
June 9 at 10:25pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter’s neck is sore so he stays home from work and he makes a doctor’s appointment for Friday morning at my insistence. How many medical issues can we cram into ONE WEEK?
June 10 at 11:30am

SherraLifeLesson While driving to office (contract job), The Grunter calls and in a voice that earned him his code name on the blog (be thankful I’m translating what he said in English here) he says, “Momma, I can’t get the key to turn in Roger Leroy’s car.” Did I mention his doctor’s appointment is in 7 minutes.
June 11 at 10:23am

SherraLifeLesson He will be 21 years old in 3 months. This is one of the reasons I have always had a home business. Holy cow, his problem-solving skills frighten me. Mine are on point. I reply yell, “Call your father.
June 11 at 10:25am

SherraLifeLesson My text to PhilBillPaul…”Did Everett get car started? Have u talked to him or is he still at doc?”
June 11 at 11:54am

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Working close to home. I started car. Dr running late, rescheduled appt to 1:30″
June 11 at 11:59am

SherraLifeLesson My text… “OMG how did key work for u?”
June 11 at 12:04pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul… “I just used the correct key. Do not say anything 2 ev till we talk.”
June 11 at 12:08pm

SherraLifeLesson My text…”U have to be kidding me???” I think I may be narrowing down the cause of my migraines.
June 11 at 11:59am

SherraLifeLesson Phone call from my doctor’s nurse…”Biopsy did come back positive for pre-cancerous cells. Margins are not clear so we want to schedule another appointment…it’s outpatient surgery…blah, blah, blah…glad we caught it now…”
June 11 at 1:26pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Ev being xray’d”
June 11 at 2:06pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from The Grunter…”Dr said my neck is pretty messed up. I got two prescriptions and was told to skip two days of work. I’m also to ice it several times per day.”
June 11 at 2:25pm

SherraLifeLesson Thank goodness for the weekend. Except that PhilBillPaul has taken Scary Baby and his girlfriend to a motorcycle rally in the Blue Ridge Mountains so I have something new to worry about.
June 12 at 1:10pm

This confirms why I don’t “do” Facebook. I’m pretty sure I would not be appropriate in my drug-induced, broken filter, state-of-being when crises happen. Lord only knows what I might type “in the moment” so I know it’s best that I stick to blogging only.

Life Lesson(s) found here? Don’t worry about what you think is odd. Worry about what isn’t.

Or better said…schedule your annual skin checkup along with your mammogram today!

In spite of the stress, we are counting our blessings.

We are all fine, fine, fine and we are grateful!

Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads out there.

I miss mine every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Bachelorette ~ Week 4

It was hard to watch because I’m all about the suspense and big rose ceremony buildup.

{tiny lol}

The darling twins told me to get the issue of People magazine with Ali’s revealing story and read it just before they left for their 9 day FTX (field training exercise) complete with no bathrooms or showers. They never knew until now what a fabulous invention baby wipes are. M

Talk about SPOILERS!! Ali and the People editors divulged serious show-stopping secrets BEFORE the episode aired.

WARNING: Stop reading if you haven’t read the People magazine article and don’t want to know about any of the spoilers from the article.

How am I suppose to get the full benefit of this important TV show when they tell me that Justin has not one but TWO girlfriends back home. And I was so sure that the “entertainment wrestler” was going to be in the final two.


No surprise Frank also has a girlfriend at home. He was weird and clingy from date one at the Hollywood sign. Even though they had so much in common because he gave up his highly successful career and moved back home with his parents after taking off to living in Paris if you call call 6 weeks “living in Paris” to fulfill his dream of becoming a screenwriter. I hope he gets casting rights so he can cast Ali in the lead role of his first production of “We Made Out Under the Hollywood Sign After Our Car Broke Down & I Didn’t Even Try to Fix It Because I Am a Screenwriter.”

He was the total package. A guy living at home with a girlfriend he couldn’t stop thinking about. Darling twins please take note.

And very strange Kasey did something very strange.

A tattoo to profess his love?

That’s always been my criteria.

Oh wait, PhilBillPaul doesn’t have any tattoos. What does this mean?

OMGosh – let’s not rewind to see the most awkward “serenade” in the history of the show when they were sitting in the park. Weird, weird, weird. And a little creepy.

Her embarrassment about his weird behavior was painful to watch.

Please, please STOP singing.

The Lion King thing was weird too. Why, as they look for love, do they have to audition for Broadway and then be suspended in mid-air wrapped around each other in full costume half-naked?

But speaking of all the singing…kudos to Jesse and his sweet singing. He’s a small town boy who I bet has been in the church choir for years. Probably too young and small town for big city Ali but I bet he’s never had trouble finding a date.

Did anyone else notice she was chewing gum when they came out to bow?

How funny was Roberto’s comment about The Weatherman when he started whining?

“The forecast for The Weatherman, once again, we’ve got a high pressure situation moving in so he’s gotta step it up.”

The Weatherman sealed his fate at the rose party when he got his guitar and sang a lame song. Too much of a gooner.

Kirk…class act putting her to bed when she was sick and leaving. No surprise he’s a nice Midwestern boy from Wisconsin.

Chris L.…class act bringing soup and just hanging out while she was sick and not being a whiny baby about it especially since it was his birthday.

She said “supposeably” or some variation that is not a word. Ahhhh.

I hope we find out next week that she has a restraining order on Kasey. I’m scared and I don’t even know him.

I think we all saw at the end why The Weatherman is going to have a hard time finding love when we saw the outtake with The Wrestler.

My vote for top three at this point is…Chris L., Kirk and Roberto.

And if she doesn’t pick Roberto, I have two daughters I want to introduce him to. I’m a good judge of character and he would be a lovely son-in-law.


…did she start with a photo shoot in NYC? And now she’s going to be in InStyle magazine. Oh yeah, because she’s searching for love.

Weigh in. Come on, I know Nancy isn’t the only one watching!

How do you think Ali’s audition tape for her new gig as an entertainment reporter/journalist/STAR is going?


My DIY Facebook Wall

Y’all know how much I love Facebook.


But if I had 523 fans or friends or whatever they call them, I could have sent you updates on my life all through Memorial Day weekend while PhilBillPaul was visiting the darling twins in Arizona.

Instead I have this blog and 5 relatives and 12 friends reading so I thought I could give you the recap in the form of my own Facebook Blog Wall…

Disclaimer: I know this is late. I was busy breaking my blog last week and am still fixing some things. Might be the longest post ever. Hang with me – it’s super easy reading!

My DIY Wall Status Updates

SherraLifeLesson Just dropped off PhilBillPaul at Atlanta airport to fly to Arizona to see his darling daughters as we find out his brother is being admitted to hospital for dehydration and some medical tests in Texas.
May 27 at 4:00pm

SherraLifeLesson A stressed PhilBillPaul forwards a text to me from Wizzy as he makes his connecting flight in Dallas because he doesn’t have time to call her sitting on plane. Text says “We are coming to tucson. Call me when ur are in phoenix
May 27 at 9:00pm

SherraLifeLesson Great text Wizzy but he’s not flying to Phoenix. And her great new plan to meet her dad in Tucson instead of Sierra Vista is not all that great. Gee, that’s only eleven minutes after the cancellation policy of the room their travel agent (me) booked for them in Sierra Vista.
May 27 at 9:11pm

SherraLifeLesson Roger Leroy announces in the background that if I can’t find them another hotel, she’s not staying at the Motel Six because people have told her that they have rats. This is unconfirmed but I wouldn’t stay in a Motel Six. Ever. Yes, I’m a hotel snob.
May 27 at 9:11pm

SherraLifeLesson Motel Six was suggested by Wizzy and approved by PhilBillPaul because he and Granny only needed a place to sleep for a few hours before they pick up the darling twins at 6:00 am. A kind front desk clerk at the posh Motel Six took pity on me and canceled the room without charging us.
May 27 at 11:11pm

SherraLifeLesson Our two wiener dogs were neutered the week before. They are now coughing and choking in their crates and start puking. Have I mentioned I don’t do puke? Especially dog puke.
May 27 at 11:32pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter comes down to handle the puke. Remember he takes care of poo at the movie theater so he’s way more qualified than I am.
May 27 at 11:47pm

SherraLifeLesson 3 hours on the phone and online with hotels in Tucson trying to find a room. Glad I didn’t have anything else to do.
May 28 at 12:39am

SherraLifeLesson I start researching kennel cough on the internet. I really can’t handle the dogs dying while PhilBillPaul is with the darling twins. They will all blame me forever.
May 28 at 12:45am

SherraLifeLesson Granny calls after she arrives in Tucson to find out what plans have changed since she had 4 frantic phone messages from PhilBillPaul that didn’t make sense and she couldn’t call him since he was in the air flying from Dallas to Tucson.
May 28 at 1:00am

SherraLifeLesson I tell Granny about the choking, coughing, puking dogs and my guess that they contracted kennel cough and she shares that they once got a puppy from a shelter and it had kennel cough. They had to put it down and the shelter had to euthanize all the dogs. Holy cow, the dogs are going to die under my watch…
May 28 at 1:30am

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter comes down to help me serve the dogs a delicious homeopathic kennel cough treatment I’ve mixed up. 8 oz water with tsp of raw honey, splash of lemon juice and 3 eyedroppers of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
May 28 at 2:05am

SherraLifeLesson Relieved to find that kennel cough by itself is not life threatening.
May 28 at 2:15am

SherraLifeLesson Hmmmm, I’m tired.
May 28 at 8:50am

SherraLifeLesson I didn’t have an eyedropper. I looked for a conversion for 3 eyedroppers of hydrogen peroxide and found it to be .03 tsp. I share with The Grunter that I put in a 1/4 tsp. We both realize I have probably poisoned the wiener dogs so if the kennel cough doesn’t kill them, my bad math skills will.
May 28 at 9:30am

SherraLifeLesson I call the vet and explain the dogs’ symptoms. I feel better that we should just watch them and can bring them in on Saturday if they aren’t improving. I didn’t mention the hydrogen peroxide overdose.
May 28 at 10:30am

SherraLifeLesson I hear from the Arizona crew. They are all safely together in Tucson and cannot start their drive to the Grand Canyon until they go back to the airport because they LOST PhilBillPaul’s luggage.
May 28 at 11:00am

SherraLifeLesson Need to focus on a client website design. Scary Baby is being very patient and has decided to re-read the Harry Potter series in her closest while I work.
May 28 at 1:12pm

SherraLifeLesson Third dose of honey/lemon/hydrogen peroxide for the wiener dogs. They seem to be getting better. Future tip: Sticky water is better served on porch than kitchen floor.
May 28 at 7:11pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter comes home from work and talks about some relationship stress that has been unfolding in the past week.
May 29 at 11:38pm

SherraLifeLesson The Grunter is standing in my bedroom in all his late night chattiness and as the fierce, coughing wiener dogs go ballistic barking, he says “Did you hear that? It sounds like someone is tapping on a window on the porch.”
May 30 at 1:10am

SherraLifeLesson A broad daylight break-in in our neighborhood 4 days earlier causes me to dial 911 without hesitation.
May 30 1:30am

SherraLifeLesson 911 operator wants me to look out window and see if I see anything. Isn’t this how people get shot?
May 30at 1:32am

SherraLifeLesson Police arrive within 15 minutes. He says he’ll go in backyard and check our property but does ask if there are dogs back there. I assure him that the barking wiener dogs are impersonating dobermans in their crates and actually weigh about 15 pounds each.
May 30 at 1:45am

SherraLifeLesson Police officer returns to say windows and doors are secure but asks “Do you know you have broken glass in the driveway?”
May 30 at 1:55am

SherraLifeLesson After inspecting the mess of broken glass, The Grunter and I refrain from saying, “Why yes, we break glass in our driveway every night at 1:30 am.”
May 30 at 2:10am

SherraLifeLesson Now that we’ve swept up the broken glass, can I please, please, please get a few hours sleep?
May 30 at 2:30am

SherraLifeLesson Scary Baby & I went to early dinner and shopping as reward for her patience and help with dogs in this crazy weekend. Do people have to sit on the same side of the booth and make out during a meal? Icky.
March 31 at 4:35pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Tucson flight delayed due to mechanical problems. Mom is now in gate reassuring everyone by screaming we need a new plane! ”
June 1 at 1:18pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Jk about mom screaming ”
June 1 at 1:19pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Flight cancelled. Rebooked thru AA connection chicago tomorrow arrive at 11:55 pm”
June 1 at 1:18pm

SherraLifeLesson Gosh that’s a convenient time to arrive.
June 1 at 1:25pm

SherraLifeLesson Text from PhilBillPaul…”Flight change again. Better time. Arrive at 4:12 pm. Going to hotel, thanks for good idea of asking for hotel voucher.”
June 1 at 2:30pm

SherraLifeLesson Migraine fun. Wonder why? Took meds at 2:00 am and 4:30 am. Feeling fabulous. Not.
June 2 at 8:51am

I know after reading this riveting detailed account of my Memorial Day that you will be waiting with bated breath to read part two of my DIY Facebook/Blog Wall that I’ll share later this week.

Because I only thought Memorial Day weekend was less than stellar until I lived through last week.


The Bachelorette

I’ve been sucked right back in.

To the evil, mindless TV that is The Bachelorette.

My own fault. I’m not blaming anyone. Except maybe the darling twins who are watching online until they get home. Then we’ll have lively discussion while viewing together.

So it will become less evil and more about family bonding time. 😉

While I work on more profound and meaningful blog posts, I just have one question for anyone brave enough to admit they are watching too…

Does it feel like Ali is auditioning for her new TV gig on Entertainment Tonight (or whatever show will have her) more than she is searching for her “true love” or is it just me?


Beach Snuggie

I thought this blog reader was sending me a joke when she sent me this email:

“So have you seen the new Snuggie beach blanket yet 😮 “

I must have one.

I love to stay out on the beach and watch the sun set. It can get a little chilly.

I’m sure I’d serve lunch in it.

You may remember that the blanket with sleeves stressed me.

And The Grunter too. Until we found out he was wearing it backwards.

Side note: I didn’t even know he commented until I was writing this.
Isn’t The Grunter funny?

I need a towel with sleeves – that is so much more useful than a blanket with sleeves.

Thanks Jen for making me aware of this fabulous product.


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