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The Girlfriend Meets the Grandmas

Here’s how PhilBillPaul helped while I made one of our final family dinners before the darling twins left for Boot Camp.

He introduced both of our mothers to his girlfriend…


Yes, friends and relatives, that is MY MOTHER riding with PhilBillPaul and his girlfriend. People who know her will understand the shock of this photo.


Rumor has it that Grandma Hannah actually whispered these words to PhilBillPaul when he asked her if she had fun as they were coming in the house:

“Maybe we could do that again before I leave”

And not to be outdone by Grandma Hannah, Granny Sandy jumped on next.


They zoomed by me in a blur.


Or maybe they weren’t going all that fast…and it was my bad photography skillz as I thought we really don’t need to have a motorcycle accident the day before graduation, DO WE?

Luckily, they all arrived back home safe and sound. Because PhilBillPaul is
a very safe driver.

I did not intend to take a 10 day blogging hiatus.

Really, I didn’t.

There is so much to tell. So much to share. So many new gray hairs.

I promise to catch up and get back in a *normal* routine…

Next week.

After I sleep for about 72 hours this weekend.


Open Bar at Graduation Party

So I found out that at least one of the darling twins who shall remain nameless was telling everyone that there would be a bar at their graduation party.

This is extra funny since I don’t drink.

And do not condone minor drinking.

In spite of that…

We did have two bars at their party last Friday.

Bar #1 ~ A Taco Bar


The crockpots full of meat were shredded chicken, pork and beef. I did not want to use the oven for anything on the day of the party so this worked out well.

If you are interested in the recipes which received rave reviews, just click below:

I also made mexican rice and black beans neither of which I eat but friends said were good. Fresh tortilla chips, salsa, crispy taco shells and shredded cheese from our favorite local Mexican restaurant rounded out the taco bar.


Side note: Thank goodness for great neighbors who loaned us crockpots and great serving dishes to keep costs down.

Bar #2 ~ A Candy Bar


It seemed to be a big hit with all ages.


This kid cracks me up every time I see him.

I was pretty sure we couldn’t go wrong with a candy bar!


Even if the cute little graduation caps melted on the sticks and slid down to the bottom because it was 85 degrees that day. Let’s not talk about our air conditioning problems right now, kay? 🙁

The high school colors are maroon, navy blue and gold.

Did you know it is very hard to find navy or royal blue sugar?

I had found this cool place on the internet near us and we went last Monday – the exact same day that blogging rockstar and cake pop queen Bakerella featured the store. I think we should be friends and I really think I should have emailed her and asked begged her to come and make cake pops or cupcake bites for the party.

Because this is what my feeble attempt looked like.


Which may not look all that bad to you if you’ve never seen Bakerella’s adorable creations. I’m not encouraging you to but if you must you can click over to her site and confirm yet another calling I really didn’t miss.


We had red velvet with cream cheese frosting and lemon with lemon frosting. Everyone was fascinated that you could eat the whole thing – I should have made a tent card that said “Entirely edible” because people tried to peel the bottom like it was cupcake paper but it was actually melted white chocolate.

Or I could have just ordered a cake from Costco. Yeah, I considered that after making three test batches of cake pop blobs.

We called these Triple Chocolate Army Helmets.


Even though we made them in a truffle mold. Yeah, helmets – way more appropriate then truffles on sticks.

We added PhilBillPaul and Scary Baby’s patriotic pretzels and the candy bar served its purpose.


The party was lovely. Really it was.

Now if we can get through the graduation on Thursday…

P.S. Though there was no official *bar*, PhilBillPaul did serve a few Mexican beers to the grownups.


Flexible Friday #36 Neglecting Friends and The Graduation Party

If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded…

Or you’ve called and left a message…

In the last few weeks…

I’ve been a little busy…



Crockpots full of meat


Meat tasters

pretzel makers

Pretzel makers

candy bar1

Dividing candy up in glass containers.

And a few other odds and ends.

The last minute, no-stress “you don’t have to do anything mom” party may actually be going on as you read this.

Side note: If you are local and we forgot to invite you, please, please just drop by ~ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. It was truly last minute and we have plenty of meat…in crockpots.

I’ll be back on Monday with party pictures and maybe even a recipe or two (gasp) if you’re interested.

Granny arrives from Texas on Saturday.

Grandma arrives from Illinois on Tuesday.

Graduation is on Thursday.

The darling twins leave for basic training the following Wednesday.

I will email and call everyone back in June.

I promise.

I can also promise that in June I will stop talking about the darling twins graduation!


Two Weeks Plus Two Days

Mother’s Day 2009 is imprinted in my memory.

Not for the usual reasons of past years in my “perfect” life.

Side note: A few weeks ago, my sister and a friend told me that they think I should be more real because everything at my house always sounds so good.

I laughed at them but was a little puzzled. I guess me writing about spiraling into depression, getting a phone call from the high school principal and taking xanax now and again is too upbeat and perky for some people.

Yeah, I’ll work on that 😉

Back to Mother’s Day. In past years, Saint PhilBillPaul has had the kids make me breakfast in bed and make lovely homemade cards, taken me out for brunch or dinner and all the other cliché but wonderful things that moms love.

This year…

not so much.

But in the midst of the day, I did receive this heartfelt and touching card.


Do not scroll down if you are eating or if you are offended by super short shorts.

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day inside card

That’s my girl. And I especially love how she signed with her last initial “H” because otherwise I wouldn’t have known who it was from.

Roger Leroy has inherited the same warped sense of humor that the rest of us have.

The card is a winner even if Mother’s Day wasn’t.

I’m saving some of my more real venting for a later date.

Perhaps in about two weeks and two days.

Because that’s how much time is left before the darling twins have here at home with us before they graduate and then ship to basic training.

For now, I’m still trying to respect their privacy.

Until then, please leave a comment and share some warm, fuzzy Mother’s Day moments that will help me remember when they were tiny and cute.

P.S. Scary Baby did make me a sweet book of poems at school in her handwriting complete with her own drawings!


Flexible Friday #35 God Has A Sense of Humor

I like to keep track of the moments in my life that clearly show me that God is in control and he has a sense of humor.

I’ve been keeping a list:

I am humbled daily by this motherhood gig. I am not qualified.

I am overwhelmed.

God is laughing because The Grunter made it too easy last year by requesting nothing and not even participating in the ceremony.

So this year, I have two participating and nothing I do is right.

I have spent the last few days designing their graduation announcement and planning a dual graduation open house/going away party on very little sleep and very little money.

I am tired. I am not in control.

I know this.

But I did actually finish the graduation announcement and matching party invitation.

Thursday evening I spent hours helping Roger Leroy make a slide show for the party that will melt the coldest heart…

And after watching it and listening to the sad music she insisted on putting with the slideshow about ten times, I collapsed in an exhausted heap on the couch and realized this…

I am overwhelmed with pride for the women they are becoming. And the decisions they have made. And the unconditional love I have for them is still here ~ even on the worst days when no one has the grace or good manners to say, “Thanks Mom.”

twins graduation announcement

Design kit by FishScraps

But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that there is a quiet place in my head and heart that looks forward to some quiet, calm days that will be a welcome relief from this chaos we’ve been living in the last few months.

Have a fabulous weekend and please send any prayers, well wishes or parenting tips to survive these final senior days!


Saturday Night Fun House

When you get a craving on Saturday night…

For some popcorn…

And you text your son…

Who works at the movie theater…

This is what he brings home…


Because everyone is a comedian at my house.


Flexible Friday #34 Swine in My House

But not the flu.

After publishing my post on Wednesday and eating TWO BoBerry biscuits to make myself feel better (let’s see how much weight I can gain in the next 20 days), the darling twins got home and read the post before rushing out the door to their next activity.

They were un-moved by my tender words.

They scrolled down to see the picture of themselves in bed together.

They shook their heads and declared disgust.

And said in unison:

Do you want to know why we were in one twin bed together?

Me: Because you love each other…

The Twins: Because there was a roach in Roger Leroy’s bed.

Yeah, well if that’s the story they want to tell.

I’m here to tell you the truth.

They still sleep together.


And yes, I’m quite sure there are roaches in their room.

Because they are little piglet twins.


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