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How was your weekend?

This is not how you are suppose to spend your Sunday afternoon.

One hour and 45 minutes on phone with wireless phone company disputing erroneous charges on your phone bill. The company shall remain nameless as I refuse to give them any publicity – either good or bad – until our contracts are up.

There will be a separate lengthy post at that time since I’m not willing to pay $1000.00 to get out of our five-phone contract. Oh yes, I have it all documented.

I can promise that I have enough material for a bad sitcom.

46 minutes on phone with phone company who provides your internet service because their outage caused your wireless network to stop working and only one computer can send things to the printer now.

Said technical support did attempt to blame computers and printer but I was prepared since computers and printer do work – please let me say this again, s-l-o-w-l-y…

“They all stopped working together when your company had a service outage.”

Seventeen years as a customer and he wanted to send me to the “Fee-based support desk” because my problem was beyond their free basic support. PhilBillPaul asked if paying our monthly bill constituted fee-based support.

If there was any fun to be had it was in relaying back to PhilBillPaul the ignorant canned response of Mr. Tech Support about my problem being out of his scope of service and that I had spent 46 minutes on the phone with him so he could tell me what I already knew when I called. Our printer doesn’t work within the wireless network and yes, it did in fact work with all computers up until their outage.

Thank you for reminding me of the problem I called about 45 minutes ago.

Apparently hearing what he said repeated back to him in my voice must have struck a chord on how idiotic it all was. He offered to overnight a new router to help us “isolate” the problem before we talk to the “fee-based support desk.”

Um, yeah, okay – great idea.

Could we have done that in the first 5 minutes?

32 minutes on the phone with cell phone manufacturer explaining that your teen son’s phone screen is broken and his father was with him when it happened so yes, we are sure it wasn’t from misuse or liquid or being carelessly dropped.

Side note: We happen to be experts on the liquid damage as two phones have gone through the washing machine and one has been dropped in the toilet. All done by teens at our house.

Lucky for us, the phone is under their warranty and of course, you must deal directly with the manufacturer, NEVER the place you actually purchased the phone. That would actually make sense and resemble customer service.

Well, I take that back. PhilBillPaul reminded me that we can pay the unnamed wireless phone company $35.00 to look at a broken phone under warranty.

The good news? I don’t have to make these calls on Monday morning when the hold time lasts into Tuesday. Sometimes I have called and listened to a company greeting that actually recommends that you call back on another day – seems like a staffing issue to me.

The bad news? It felt about the same as spending the day with defensive teenagers who seem to say every single day, “It’s not my fault” and “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maybe I’m still cranky from Sunday.

I swear I start out nice on these calls because I do feel sorry for these people who have these jobs and have to work on Sunday and have people like me call them.

But by the end of the call it is hard to be nice as I am exasperated and exhausted.

I think it is only fair to tell you as I rant about this that many, many years ago I was actually a customer service manager at a cellular company. In fact, it is where I met PhilBillPaul and he was the service center manager at the same company. We do know a thing or two about providing excellent service.

Customer service suggestion:
If companies want to really improve their customer service, how ’bout if they start paying the customer for every minute they have to waste talking to customer no-service whenever they screw up your bill or your service?

One more question:
Is it really that hard to provide excellent customer service?

Maybe I’m just hormonal. So really, how was your weekend?


Flexible Friday #5
Roger Leroy is not.

Flexible that is.

Well, let me clarify. She is very flexible as an athlete. She is, after all, the one we called our circus baby.

But she does things her way, in her time frame and has always marched to the beat of her own drum.

She is also the dominant twin. “They say” (whoever “they” are) that one twin is typically the more dominant twin. We watched this from the very beginning. She was a tiny bully. She plucked Wizzy’s binky out of her mouth. She scooted and crawled over to Wizzy and took whatever toy she had or was even thinking about having. She learned how to jump and catapult out of her crib and land in Wizzy’s crib and jump on her.

One day I heard Wizzy crying intermittently and I quietly went around the corner to see why and Roger Leroy was hitting her and with a gleam in her eye saying,

“Cye, Wizzy, cye again”

She has overcome the speech impediment but not necessarily her penchant for teasing and tormenting her twin whenever she can.

Stubborn and quirky are words that describe her.

On her first birthday, it took about seven adults watching her and saying “Sit back down” to keep her in her high chair. Even when strapped in, she was a little Houdini baby who could get out of anything.


At one year-old they each weighed 16 pounds. 16 pound tiny people are not suppose to walk.

Or try to climb out of the cart at Home Depot.

Only by God’s grace did I catch the hem of her dress before she hit the concrete floor head first.

Here she is stuck in a toy bucket…


I think she had underwear on but I can’t really remember.

Here she is sleeping with a ball balanced on her eye. PhilBillPhil found her this way and he took this picture.


Are you getting the quirky vibe yet?

Here she is with Silly Putty.


Yep, we have all done that with Silly Putty, haven’t we?

Here she is on our driveway wrapped and tied up in her bedroom comforter…because we always take our bedding outside to play with it on the driveway.


I think they referred to this as the “burrito game” and she would then free herself from all the knots her siblings had tied. This, by the way, was at her request.

She can walk on stilts, bounce down the street on a pogo stick, juggle, ride a unicycle and shoot a basketball and make the shot on the unicycle. She has yet to meet a sport she couldn’t play and excel at.

She is “mama junior” to Scary Baby and has always had a special bond with her. She makes good grades and has an internal drive to do her best. She excels at anything she puts her mind to.

When she’s not irritating her twin sister, they have a lot of fun together.

Like last summer when they went to Tampa. They went over to Luci’s Alzheimer’s facility several times.

She fell in love there.


His name is Oscar.

Another picture I had to frame. Pure joy in both their faces as he gave her a kiss when she went over to tell him goodbye.

And when she’s not being a total jock or an L.C. (Little Crud as PhilBillPaul refers to her) or rolling her eyes at me…

She actually cleans up nicely and is a beautiful young woman.


We love you, circus baby…


P.S. Celebrate with me that The Twin Birthmonth Party is now

Happy Birthdaymonth
Twin Daughters!

It is official!

They are seventeen years old today.

Here’s that “bday plan” I told you I’d share. As if this very neat and tidy written plan gave them permission to plan TWO MORE DAYS of birthday festivities.


Huge sigh…

Here are those tiny babies I had seventeen years ago and was sure I would die while birthing two babies…


Luckily I had PhilBillPaul to remind me that while I was having two babies I needed to relax and these were his exact words, “Because they don’t come out at the same time.”

That made me feel sooooo much better.

5 pounds 13 ounces and 6 pounds and 1/2 ounce still adds up to TWELVE pounds of babies and NO ONE in my family had twins.

Lucky for us and for them, they were pretty darn cute…


And it was nice to have a next-door neighbor who had her first baby eight weeks before I had the girls. We were both rookies at this parenting gig and we helped each other in those early years. Thanks Elizabeth for helping me with my three even when you just had one. (Who would have ever guessed we would both have four now? Neither of us!)

All through my pregnancy, one of my closest friends in my life was back in Tampa, calling, checking on me and cheering me on. She was so excited that I was having twins. Because she is a twin. She thought it would be really cool if I could have them on her birthday. Since I was due in late July, I told her I probably couldn’t schedule that for her.

Until my blood pressure spiked and the midwife said, “We need to induce labor and deliver these babies today.”

“WAIT” I might have squealed in the doctor’s office that day. I didn’t have my little bag packed for the hospital that they tell you to have ready. I had no childcare for The Grunter. I was huge and uncomfortable and high risk and delivering twins in the heat of an Atlanta summer is an added bonus but I wasn’t ready that day!

She gave me no choice and said she’d meet us at the hospital. We had only lived in our neighborhood for four months but southern hospitality was alive and well when neighbors we barely knew pitched in and took care of The Grunter who was not yet two.

As we got off the exit for the hospital, I called Luci and said, “I have until midnight tonight, right?” You would have thought she was having the babies. She screamed and was so excited and added another request…which I thought was a little greedy… since I was trying to comply with the birthday request…”If they’re two girls, name them Luci and Lori, okay?”

Because up to this point, we only knew that “Baby A” was a girl so “Baby B” was going to be a surprise.

I delivered twin daughters 4 weeks early on Luci and Lori’s birthday.

Because that’s the kind of friend I always strive to be.

In Tampa near their first birthday Luci and Lori got to hold the twins that were born on their birthday but are not their namesakes! As you can see, Luci and Lori are as fraternal as my two lovelies.


Last year for their milestone 16th birthday, they got to spend the week with Luci and Lori and their families in Tampa. This was, of course, before I knew we’d be having this Birthmonth Party this year for their 17th year.

I did have one special request for Luci. I asked if she could “recreate” as best she could, the picture of her and Lori with my twins. It’s a big deal for them that Lori, the firstborn, was paired with Roger Leroy and Luci was paired with the younger (by 18 minutes) Wizzy.

Being one of my funny friends, Luci not only complied with my request…they actually woke up the girls before they were leaving early on the last day my girls were flying home. Not such a great picture of the girls but I still framed it and it always makes me smile.


Luci is the friend who brought PhilBillPaul to the hospital after the car crash. She and I were roommates before I got married. She has been there through the best of times and the worst of times and continues to be one of those lights in my life and we have loved each other through some giant life milestones.

It is a double birthday today in our extended family.

Happy birthday to Luci (and Lori) too!

Okay, I’ll wrap up this double long post (that’s what happens when you have twins) with a photo tribute to these daughters of mine who continue to tempt me to start drinking alcohol. Stupid mom #2 pointed out that the reason we have baby pictures is to remind us of how cute they were when we’re not feeling the cute during these teen years. Sage observation!


They were pretty darn cute kindergarten girls.


Basketball at church at age seven was darn funny to watch. This was Roger Leroy’s boy haircut stage and she loved it.


Daddy really loved having twin daughters. In the early days, they were “chick magnets” if he pushed them in the stroller at the mall. Looking back now, I guess I should have been more concerned about this…but I was too tired to care.


5th grade uniforms made me very happy! Roger Leroy’s hair growing back also made me happy.


A giant growth spurt in 6th and 7th grade made Wizzy very happy.


In the early years, they actually let me (okay, it was a rule) fix their hair. And they wore girly colors like pink and purple. I obviously did not win on the girly shoe or sandal selection.

Apparently I traumatized them because they will wear nothing in any shade of pink or purple now unless it has a basketball or cross country logo on it.

As you can see, they have also been traumatized by a mother who took pictures incessantly. Some day they will be grateful for this. Some day they will understand the historical value of a picture like this one taken in 1997…


And they will forgive me for insisting PhilBillPaul take them out last night to pose for this one…


Look at the joy on their faces. It is so sweet that we have that moment captured on film.

In spite of all the ups and downs of parenting them, we couldn’t imagine our life without them. We are very proud of the young women they are becoming…

And every single day we tell them we love them. Because we do.

I love you baby girls…


Birthday turning into a
Birthmonth Party…

We have recently learned that 5 days in Nashville is not significant enough birthday celebration for twin girls turning 17.

Um, and who decided this?

NOT the parents.

Appparently, the Nashville trip falls under the Never Enough Syndrome.

Because getting to personally meet AND touch Taylor Swift was not enough.

Wednesday, which is their actual birthday, I’ll be sure to show you the sheet they tossed on my bed entitled “Bday Plan” early last week.

Because when I was growing up, we spent the whole MONTH celebrating whoever was born that month. NOT.

In a family of six, that would be half the year spent celebrating birthdays.

Don’t get me wrong, we do celebrate (quietly, in our hearts) being the parents of four healthy children. We really do.

But these twin daughters of ours are testing our patience more than usual.

I’m sure it’s because they are twins and have had to share everything.

Starting with my womb. As if this is my fault?

They’ve shared a room. They’ve shared a birthday cake every year.

Mothers of multiples, no judgment here please! Remember we all get to choose whether we dress them alike and if they are split up in school and if one cake with two names works for our family and all those other major decisions that parents of multiples are plagued with.

On the positive side, they are literally best friends and it warms my heart…when they aren’t fighting.

Today I thought I would take a few moments to post about ONE twin instead of two. Yes, I confess, it is hard to not consider them a unit even though they are not siamese. Heck, they’re not even identical. It’s just easier to refer to The Grunter, The Girls and Scary Baby.

So today, I choose Wizzy.

Because as the younger of the two, she always seemed to have to go last for everything.

Well, that and her twin was the dominant a.k.a. bully twin for many, many years.

So here is my photo tribute to Wizzy who is the biggest people-pleaser of our four kids.

She is a peace keeper and a friend to all. She is funny and kind. She is sweet and fiery. She is a leader and is always the first to help. She has a huge heart and loves everyone.


She displayed athletic talent and basketball skill very early. Check out those Converse Chuck Taylor high tops!


She was the best belated Father’s Day present PhilBillPaul has yet to receive.


She let me dress her up in girlie clothes for years. She’s still the *easy* twin to shop with for clothes!


She is unique in every way. She didn’t really resemble her other 3 siblings and is our only redheaded child. Then her cousin visited from Texas and we realized she is a Humphreys through and through. We are still amazed at how much they look alike!


She was the last lucky duck to ride (and drive) Grandad’s golf cart. They had so much fun together with special one-on-one time!


She wasn’t so lucky on Friday when she went to play golf and an errant shot from another hole hit her in the stomach while she was selecting her club. I almost cried when she came home and showed me this horrible mark on her stomach. Notice that she smiled and let me take a picture. Did I mention she finished the round and injuries don’t get in the way of competition.

Disclaimer: Not a lesson she learned from me. I would have stopped playing and drove home crying and stayed in bed for a few days.

Finding out a “redneck” golfer (I’m trying to be nice here) did not even yell “FORE” which is proper golf etiquette when you hit a bad shot and you MUST warn everyone within the sound of your voice.

Thank goodness that she is okay and it didn’t hit her in the head–we would have spent the weekend in the hospital.

Sidenote: If you don’t know or understand all the intricate rules of golf, do us all a favor and learn them before you come out on the course and ruin the game for others. There are books that you can read about the rules or if you can’t read, watch a video. Or, you can’t learn the rules, take up a less complicated sport.

Finally, my lovely, tall, lanky daughter is truly a delight to be around. She wakes up singing like a bird (not inherited from either parent) and really does try to make the world a better place.

Before she embarks on her next journey to make a new friend, help a stray animal or bring a smile to a stranger’s face she has an important job to do. She needs to go shopping for some new jeans because Sunday night she bent over and split her favorite jeans and even if mama could sew, I don’t think we can repair these…


We love you, precious daughter…


Flexible Friday #4
Fashion, Food & a little Funny

Thought Flexible Friday was a good day to share a few of my favorite sites that I check out and catch up on at least once a week. I did that yesterday which got me thinking you might enjoy them too.

First, here’s a great fashion site that always has great photos of outfits and ideas for all ages, sizes and shapes.

Great ideas which are not necessarily in my clothing budget (but I’m sure I could put a similar ensemble together from Target.) It’s also a great checkpoint for me to see just how out of style I really am each season. 😉

Second, you already know I love Pioneer Woman and she recently re-vamped her site and proudly shows off her cooking skill and gorgeous photography showing step-by-step recipe instructions.

I’m not saying I make anything with green vegetables and she does have a lot of recipes with vegetables. Fortunately for us she hasn’t tried to sneak any vegetables in her dessert recipes (which I think is wrong on so many levels)!

I’m starting you with this breakfast item that I must try. Okay, I must have PhilBillPaul make it and I’ll try it–perhaps in bed on my breakfast tray that he will bring to me.

Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare include the green chives!

Finally, this is subjective humor and some of you won’t like it and that’s okay. Much like TV and radio, you can just change the channel or not even click the link.

You’ll probably know from the name of the blog whether you’ll like it or not…it really shouldn’t be any surprise that I catch myself laughing out loud at some of her rants.

Visit White Trash Mom if you even cracked a tiny smile at that name.

Leave a comment and share your favorite blog or websites. Remember if you are reading this through an email subscription or an RSS reader you will have to click through to the actual blog to leave your comment.

Have a great weekend!


Photography Tip for a Trip to the Zoo

I’m one of those annoying people who has always kept her photos organized and in photo albums.

I’ve spent years making photo albums for my kids. I’ve made many albums for friends and family and given them as gifts.

I don’t like to share the number of albums I’ve made because some people seem to get cranky about it.

I’m not bragging – I just love photos and I love to be organized. I also really understand the value of making sure the important people in my life know how much I love them and have some tangible evidence of my love through photos and my words.

Yes, I’m sentimental like that. I’d blame it on the coma but I actually made photo albums long before the coma.

15 years ago, my mother kindly sent me all the loose photographs from her house. Our family photos were stored in shoeboxes in a closet for as long as I could remember.

She suggested that I could make albums for everyone.

15 years ago I had three toddlers under the age of three.

Sure, I had loads of free time.

But being the keeper of the family photos has some great advantages. I have made some pretty special family albums and given some great gifts.

I made albums for my three siblings, my parents and my family.

But I have one small box of photos left that haven’t been put in an album. They are pictures of my growing up years.

I was recently sorting through that last box. I was thinking I might just make the time this summer to make an album for ME.

As I sifted through the photos, I came across these two from a trip to the Cincinnati zoo.

Though my sister Julie and I freely admit we have always been a little dysfunctional, our mom made sure we always looked our very best
as you can see from this photo!


Darn cute, weren’t we?

The second photo is where we are looking at the fascinating exhibit of prairie dogs. Here’s where my photo tip comes in…


Photo Tip

You should either discreetly ask your daughter to close her legs before you snap a picture or dress her in shorts instead of a sun dress for your trip to the zoo.

I’m just here to help.

Even at the expense of my own personal pride and white cotton panties.


Nice Dad a.k.a. PhilBillPaul

He has always been a nice dad.

Since he’s not my dad, I didn’t get him a Father’s Day present. Or a card.

Nice Dad always gets me something nice for Mother’s Day. Even though I’m not his mother.

You would think I would reciprocate by getting him something nice.

I’m pretty sure I have in years past. I just forgot this year.

So here’s my attempt to make up for my thoughtlessness.

Lucky for me I have this blog. 🙂

Here’s a photo tribute to what a Nice Dad he is…

I love to look back at the pictures and see how
he lit up being a dad, starting with The Grunter.

He didn’t even seem to mind when I dressed
my two handsome guys alike in pink shirts.

It only took him about eight weeks after the twin girls were born…
and a strong threat that he might find himself living in his car…
to jump in and actively participate in parenting two more babies.

Side note: We never call parenting “babysitting.”
BIG issue for me when moms say dad is “babysitting.”
As if I was babysitting while he was working? UGH!

He actually rose to the challenge and put many of the
other dads to shame taking care of his children while my home business grew and he always recognized that I needed time to myself.

That 4th baby just made his heart grow bigger.

Side note: Did anyone notice that in addition to being N-I-C-E,
he doesn’t take a bad picture?

Some day I know our kids will look back and realize what an amazing and involved Nice Dad that they had!

Until then, he’ll just have to take my word for it…

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. –Charles Swindoll

Take a moment to leave a comment and share a great memory about your own dad or the dad of your kids.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating the fathers in your family. For those of you whose fathers have passed away, I know you fully understand when I say that I miss my dad every day and not just on Father’s Day.


Flexible Friday #3 – Being Nine

It’s hard to be nine.

It’s especially hard to be nine when you have three teenage siblings.

And it’s a hot summer day.

Which always makes me think of staying inside and reading a good book.

So I went to a special cabinet in my room to get one of those classic books out for Scary Baby yesterday.

It made me remember being nine and being able to walk to the air-conditioned library in the small town where we lived.

It made me think of some of my favorite books and authors that transported me to another place and made me love reading…as in it is one my most favorite things to do!

We have three out of four kids that devour books like PhilBillPaul and I do. One unnamed teen much prefers TV to a good book.

Nature vs. nurture is alive and well at our house.

Here are some of my all-time favorites that all my kids have read and still love (even the non-reader):

Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary
(I love the whole series!)

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective by Donald Sobol
(You don’t have to be a boy to love this series!)

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
(might just be my all-time favorite series!)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
(fun to read and then watch the *original* movie with Gene Wilder!)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
(love, love, love all her books!)

The library is a fabulous place to spend some of your hot summer days. Most libraries have great summer reading programs and activities. Books make great gifts at any age.

Have you passed on your love of reading on to your kids?

Share the titles or authors of your favorite childhood books…it’s always fun to get book recommendations!


Stupid Mothers, Teenagers &
Country Music

It’s Tuesday night as I write my Wednesday post having totally missed writing on Monday. Being spontaneous can get in the way of blogging.

We spent an extra night in Nashville. You cannot believe how exhausting it is to listen to country music.

Actually, I think it was most exhausting to travel with three teenage girls.

From the teenage daughters’ perspective (because much to their dismay, I was both a teenager and a daughter) and as their mother, I am entitled to speak for them…

These are the observations I made on this trip that I realize will not be giant revelations for many of you. Think of them more as the beginning of the by-laws for our Mean Mother Club…

  • Mothers are stupid.
  • Mothers are embarrassing.
  • Mothers should not dance.
  • Mothers should not like country music.
  • Mothers should not think a country music singer is
    “good looking”, “cute” or “hot”.

My biggest personal revelation about teenage girls is that there are many ways that this season of their life is very similar to the one you thought you had already made it through–the toddler stage…

  • They throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.
  • They are loud at inappropriate times.
  • They are very cranky when they don’t get enough sleep.
  • They are very, very stubborn.
  • Everything is a power struggle. “I do it myself.”
  • You have to keep your eye on them or they get lost.
  • (Roger Leroy & Sharté got on the wrong shuttle bus and went to Opryland which is nowhere near downtown Nashville.)

Fellow Stupid Mother and friend Lisa and I did have tons of fun in spite of the teenagers.

The teenagers had tons of fun in spite of their mothers.

I think they would all agree that one of the biggest highlights of the four-day festival was on Friday.

First the back story…

They had to walk seven blocks because Stupid Mother #1 (me) overheard that THE ONE singer who they HAD TO meet and get HER autograph, was shooting a video outside on the steps of the Ryman Auditorium. I actually had to demand that they come because they were *busy* at the Sports Zone about to play some game or spin some wheel to win a laminated calendar or matchbox car.

What followed was waiting for over two hours in sweltering heat standing curbside just five steps from a drum set waiting to see who was coming out.

SHE came out and was darling and was overwhelmed by the crowd that had gathered. SHE sang a new song that no one had heard before. SHE came down to the yellow police tape and shook hands and thanked everyone for coming.

The crowd dispersed.

Stupid Mother #1 quietly said to Roger Leroy, “You know SHE has to come out of the building but it won’t be out of these doors. You all need to go around and find the door with a car or limo and maybe you can get her autograph.”

Roger Leroy said, as she rolled her eyes, “I’m thirsty and we’re going back to the Sports Zone. We’ll get HER autograph tomorrow.”

(Because standing in line with 800 people who also got tickets to get HER autograph the next day would be super fun.)

Stupid Mother #1 said to Stupid Mother #2 (Lisa) “I just told her that SHE will have to come out the building and the girls should find the back door but Roger Leroy is thirsty and I guess I’m just having another stupid idea.”

I gave it one more shot and asked Roger Leroy if she had told Sharté
(#1 fan) what I had suggested.

They had a private teenager conference. Sharté asked where I thought they should go. I suggested the alley and walk around the building.

They actually started down the alley!

About 30 minutes later, they came around the corner, running uphill in 100 degree weather screaming like excited, happy toddlers.

Because they met HER and SHE asked if they wanted a picture with HER…

Taylor Swift
is a delightful and refreshing role model for teenage girls.

HER debut album where all the songs she either wrote or co-wrote is triple platinum. SHE is a recent high school graduate and is currently touring with Rascal Flatts.

And she TOUCHED our daughters!!!!!

The Stupid Mothers were very happy for their daughters!

We hope they will always remember this special trip.

We hope they know how very much we love them…
through every season.

Meanwhile, the Stupid Mothers loved, loved, loved listening and looking at Josh Turner, Keith Urban, Chuck Wicks, Luke Bryan, Craig Morgan, Rodney Atkins, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins and many, many other great musicians.

Oh, and Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Sara Evans, Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, and many other ladies were really good too.

Teenage daughters will have to get their own blog to tell their side of the story.


P.S. Would you please send me an email and let me know if you received this post or my Friday post through your email subscription OR if you read my blog through an RSS feed? I think the service is not working again. I love to try to fix things that are out of my control…

Flexible Friday #2

I told you on Wednesday that I would share some of my favorite country music songs. I was thinking about why I love country so much and I know that a big part of it is that so many country songs tell a great story.

I love story-telling and I love how real so much of the songwriting is. I also love songs that move me. Whether it moves me to tears or it moves me to smile or it moves me to get up and dance, I love all the emotion music brings to our lives.

First, a few personal country facts I want to share:

1) I do not own cowboy boots
2) I do not own a cowboy hat
3) I do not line dance
4) I can ride a horse
5) There is such a thing as too much twang in country
(and too much banjo).

Now here are some great songs that I think ya’ll will love even if you think you don’t like country!

Five Great Songs by Women Country Singers

Every mama should make sure her daughters hear these…

1) This One’s For The Girls – Martina McBride
2) Somebody’s Hero – Jamie O’Neal
3) Room to Breathe – Reba McEntire
4) I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Bobbie Cryner
5) I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

Five Great Patriotic Country Songs

These pretty much always move me to tears…

1) Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) – Alan Jackson
2) Have You Forgotten? – Darryl Worley
3) American Soldier – Toby Keith
4) Some Gave All – Billy Ray Cyrus
5) God Bless the U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood

Come on now, don’t be scared. Search for the songs and have a listen–it should be no surprise that I’m an iTunes fan. You might be pleasantly surprised and want to add some new music to your iPod. 😉

If you already love country, take a moment and share a couple of your favorite songs in the comments section. I’m always looking for great new tunes personally recommended by friends!


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