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Strangers please allow me to introduce myself…

I am the mother of four…ages 26, 24, 24 and 16.

Our firstborn son was not quite two years old when I brought home two more babies–darling fraternal twin daughters. (I think they call that “closely spaced.”)

Since we have been outnumbered by children from the very beginning, we thought it would be fun to add one more child to our family so we would have an even number. Odd decision, I know.

I am all about bridging the gap for moms with teenagers and telling the truth about real life–especially the hard parts.

I’m a head injury survivor and climbed out of The Black Hole in 2007.

Finding the funny in all the little and not so little life lessons we experience is a huge part of who I am. Because there is one simple thing we all need to do more often…laugh!

About this Site

It started as a Christmas card turned Happy New Year card that almost became a Happy Valentine’s Day card. You can read the card here.

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